Disaster Recovery Solutions

Important documentation stored in physical files run the risk of being misplaced, destroyed in disasters, such as fires or by water damage, and the quality of these files deteriorates over time.

The loss of certain files can mean valuable intellectual property and ongoing work files are lost. Attempting to replace these files if they are lost often means significant delays in business operations which can be extremely costly. It is also necessary for certain files to be kept on record according to accounting legislation. The loss of these files can be disastrous for a company.

Infoscan offers a solution to mitigate the risk of loosing files and documents. Our clients’ hard files are scanned and indexed on our data cloud or saved onto disks, which means that, if a client’s original documents are lost for any reason, the files can be recovered by simply downloading them from the Infoscan cloud or from the disks on which they were saveddata recovery.

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