Why Go Digital ?

It is vital for businesses to have immediate access to organised, indexed information in order to make well-informed, timely decisions.

The conversion of physical documents and files into digital files allows our clients the ultimate in accessibility. It also mitigates the risk of loosing important files as digitised files can be securely backed up to Infoscan’s data cloud or to disks.

Our process of scanning documents means that quality is assured, due to our thorough quality control process, and usability is optimised by offering our clients the ability to save files in whichever format best suits their needs, including as PDF or TIF files, and sending documents via email.

Security is another important reason to convert physical files into digital files. Digital files can be protected by strict access control measures, which prevent unauthorised employees from gaining access to sensitive files, while not restricting decision-maker’s immediate access to the files they need.

Digitising files allows companies to significantly reduce the amount of space and resources required to manage files and documentation, reducing associated costs and freeing up resources.

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